Field of activity

We attend to clients in a wide range of business branches:

Aluminium processing industry, repair-workshops, car washing-bays, bakeries, bakery products mills, public swimming pools and baths, banks, building centers, construction companies, mines, concrete and prefabricated parts plants, sheet metal factories, breweries, chemical plants, perishable food wholesale traders and manufacturers, discotheques, printing plants, furnishing houses, ironworks, electronic machinery factories, dye factories and dye works, film studios, airports, hotels, shopping malls, churches and synagogues, cinemas, hospitals, restaurants, theaters, sports facilities, homes for the aged, schools, slaughter houses, texile manufacturers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical business companies, manufacturers of agricultural machinery, paper mills, metal processing industries, wine cellars, foundries, cantines, groceries markets, garden centers, poultry farms, cooperative societies, tanneries, forging press departments, sawmills, laundries, butcheries, dairies, flour mills, chocolate factories, joiners workshops, food processing indutries, waste water treatment plants, canned food indutries, property management, quarries, electroplating factories, animal feed industries, veneer plants, beverages manufacturers, refrigerating warehouses, shipping companies, public transportation companies, steel mills, steel processing industries, dockyards, parking lots, paintshops, large agricultural enterprises, zoos, amusement parks, data processing centers, synthetic material industries, cosmetics manufacturers, underground and structural engineering, conveyor systems manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, sanitary products and facilities wholesale, wood manufacturers and dealers, lightmetal construction, cableway manufacturers and more.

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