We for you

We analyze the application of tariff and technical possibilities in order to decrease your energy costs;


We advise you on the applicability of the newest known technologies, taking notice of the actual state of your plants, in order to ensure you a rational energy supply and consumption;


We elaborate written proposals for the reduction of your energy costs, taking into account the as-is state of your plant/equipment and spatiality;


We check and verify the calculational correctness of all your energy bills for the entire duration of the contract and for the last 12 months;




We regularly carry out new inspections and revisions of your energy costs;



We elaborate energy statistics with all the main values of your bills and contracts to check your profitability and/or evaluate the success rate in the short term;


We carry out a constant observation of your energy consumption and an inspection to always maintain an optimal energy supply. 


You for us


You assign us a consultancy mandat;


You pay us the consultancy charg;


You regularly send us your energy bills.


For us both


Each collects 50% of the savings attained by BEBS.


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