Our services

Periodical controls

Auditing of accounts
We analyze energy bills of charges for electricity, natural gas, liquid gas, district heating and water with objective and to the point accuracy. This is also true for reimbursement claims related to connection costs.

Technical analyses
We carry out technical inspections and check on site the actual state of your technical equipment and energy plants. We also elaborate possible optimization alternatives in collaboration with our clients. If required under an ecological directive.

Calculation of profitability
We are at your disposal to answer energy related questions concerning upcoming new investements of technical plants.

We carry out profitability analyzes and feasibility studies for energy plants, such as block heat and power plants, heating systems, transformer stations and others.

Tariff rating

For points of consumption calculated on a tariff system we determine the most competitive and cost-effective rating through ongoing observance of consumption alterations and tariff restructuring.

We assist you in negotiating with your energy supplier. At your request we supervise transactions for you. Signing of the contract, however, is entirely up to the client.

Alternative offers
We compare the average price of your energy supply with the current market price level. In the current liberalized market we often detect excessive costs and, hence, we request from competitive and reliable suppliers alternative offers for your points of consumption. On the basis of these offers we conduct a price comparison with your current supply contract taking into account contractual terms such as duration of contract, price alignment clauses, guarantee of supply and we then express our suggestions and recommendations.


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